The More Things Change...

“We’ve got two parties.” “No you do not. You have only the party of the banks, of the money men, and they divide it into two pieces for your voting.” ― Gregory BenfordArtifact
Currently reading Artifact by Gregory Benford. It was written in 1985. This quote could have been written yesterday.

Portland Head Light

Nubble Light used to be my favorite, but I think Portland Head just won me over.


Watching the Olympics last night we saw two divergent things that are both so typical of America. On the one hand we saw Katie Ledecky win a goal in the pool by like 7 seconds. The US often outpaces other nations re: economy, military, charitable giving. On the other hand we saw Hope Solo, the US women's soccer goalie be a complete sore loser and really disgrace herself with some inappropriate comments about the Swedish team.

This unfortunately is America too. I guess this is pretty typical of human nature really. No one is black or white, we're all shades of grey. But what's interesting is that they're only grey in the aggregate. It seems to me most people wildly vacillate between white and black. If we all hovered in grey we may be better for it. Yet another support for the ancient Greek concept of sophrosyne! (Turns out spellcheck has no idea what sophrosyne is. Ah the irony)

Note to Hollywood

We need less Purge, Saw, and Paranormal
We need more like The Witch
Slow, understated and quietly terrifying.

We Live In Interesting Times

“Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.” ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Where Have All The Smart Ones Gone?

Half a century ago, such figures existed in America: serious Christian intellectuals who occupied a prominent place on the national stage. They are gone now. It would be worth our time to inquire why they disappeared, where they went, and whether — should such a thing be thought desirable — they might return.
From The Watchman


I wish my notes looked this good.